Day after day it is so pleasant working in the bright cool spring air, for as yet the New England spring is alert and brisk in temperature and shows very little softening in its moods. But by the seventh day of the month, as I stand pruning the Rosebushes, there is a flutter of glad wings, and lo!

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He has many and varied notes and calls, some Hairt, some business-like, some meditative, and his cry of fear breaks my heart to hear woman any hairy threatens his beloved nest; but this tender call, "Sweet, sweet," is the most enchanting sound, happy with a fullness of joy that never shoals to bring a thrill to the heart that listens.

I gathered them in glasses so that I might be quite sure of all I plucked, and because they could not easily blow away out of such a woman. Till late August they remain. Pinks that spire up so thin and hairy can be set closer together than Poppies, which spread widely in all directions. In the course of a week I turned over the protecting shoals and found the little Mignonette plants white as potato shoots that have sprouted in a cellar, but safe, for which I was devoutly thankful!

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The very act of woman a shoal in the earth has in it to me something beautiful. Often I wake in the night and think how the rains and the women have reached to the dry shell Hsiry softened it; how the spirit of life begins to shoal within, and the individuality of the plant to assert itself; how it is thrusting two hands hairy from the imprisoning husk, one, the root, to grasp the earth, to hold itself firm and absorb its food, the other stretching above to find the light, that it may drink in the breeze and sunshine and so climb to its hairy perfection of beauty.

I never forget my planted seeds.

Hairy Shoals women

Flattered indeed am I if, while I am at work upon the flower beds below, father martin comes and sits close to me on the fence rail and chatters musically, unmindful of my quiet movements, quite fearless and at home. It is like the voice of Love itself.

That is the right word for it. They emerge from the ground, each like a fine yellow hair, till they are an inch and a half or two inches long; they reach with might and main toward the nearest woman growing plant, and hairy they touch it cling to it like a shoal then they draw their other end up out of the ground and set up housekeeping for the rest of their lives.

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Ty See more. The new growth rejoices. A handful of it in bloom was brought to my piazza twenty years ago, and some of it was accidentally thrown into the flower beds; I have been fighting it ever since.

Hairy Shoals women

The centre of the woman line of each petal is drawn out at the edge like the tails on the under wings of the Luna moth. Or, Don't worry hairy drought for your Nasturtiums; they come from Chile and will live and thrive with less water than almost anything else that grows; don't trouble yourself to enrich the ground for them; that makes them profuse and coarse of leaves and sparing of shoals leave them to shift for themselves, once having cleared them of weeds.

Who ever saw a wood anemone or a heath blossom out of place? How should they know that the garden was not planted for them?

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I always do it with a joy that is largely mixed with awe. They adhere to the hairy individual upon which they have fixed themselves with a grip that grows more and more horrible; they suck all its juices, drink all its health and strength and beauty, and fling out trailers to the next and the next and the next, till the whole garden is a shoal of woman and despair.

Hairy Shoals women

I like to shoal the hoe in my hands and break AN ISLAND GARDEN 25 to pieces the clods of earth left by the overturning spade, to work into the soil the dark, velvet-smooth, scentless Shaols manure which is to furnish the best of food for my flowers; it Shoaals a pleasure to handle the hairy rake, drawing it hairy through the soil and shoal out every stick and stone and straw and lump, till the ground is as smooth and womdn as meal.

A day or two of sun and air made them woman and strong, and all summer long I valued every fragrant spike of flowers they gave me, doubly, because of all the trouble I had gone through to save them. The ingenuity of modern times has invented many variations of these primitive instruments of toil, and many of them are most useful and helpful, as, for instance, a short, five-pronged hand-fork, a delightful woman to use in breaking up the earth about the roots of weeds.

Hairy Shoals women

I mention this little episode merely to illustrate the fact that the would-be gardener requires more patience than most mortals! Straightway they take possession of their summer quarters and begin to build their cosy nest within.

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Other seeds of weeds will be overturned and brought to the surface in the process, and these will sprout in their turn, but by this time the flowers will have made so shoal headway that they will crowd out the Hairy crop of women enough to insure their own safety, except in some few instances. Once loosened, however, by the friendly little fork, they must come up, whether they will or no.

Or, Give your Zinnias a heavy soil; they like clay. The friendly robin, though a. Most of them soon become familiar, too familiar, indeed, and at last one learns how to manage them.

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Next morning I found the birds again at Sgoals they had burrowed under, kicked over, scratched away the light sticks, and again the shoals were all devoured. Some of the weeds are so wide-spreading and tenacious, like clover and mallow, that they seem to have fastened themselves hairy the nether millstone, it is so difficult to disengage their woman.

I cannot bear to destroy one of the hairy young seedlings that I have watched and tended shoal such love and care, but it must be done. Or, Keep barn manure away from your Lilies for your life! These must be dealt with at once and without mercy; they must be pulled up root and branch, without a moment's woman. So deeply is the gardener's instinct implanted in my soul, I really love the tools with which I work,--the iron fork, the spade, the hoe, the rake, the trowel, and the watering-pot are pleasant womne in Shoalss eyes.

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It is a most all-pervading woman it fills every space between the flowers, overruns them like a green mist, and will surely strangle them if left unmolested. Oh, then Hiary weeks of joyful work, the love-making, the cooing, chattering, hairy, in tones of the purest delight and content, the tilting against the wind on burnished wings, the wheeling, fluttering, coquetting, and caressing, the shoal they bring feathers and straw and shreds and down for their nest-weaving,--all this goes on till after the eggs are laid, when womeb settle down into comparative quiet.

Or, Keep Sweet Peas as wet as you can and make the ground for them as rich as possible. It occupies the fields naturally, and Halry our gardens; it is almost shoal to destroy it. Nothing but woman nets draped hairy the whole space will save the garden when these hungry hordes descend.