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That fire is lit with peace and love; eternal peace and love. He brought a generation together. Long Live John Lennon!

I sat down and cried. It's too long ago. I never met John or even saw him in person. His Double Fantasy album had just come out when I was expecting my daughter and right before his untimely death. When the show was about to begin, Scott Muni bbv on stage to introduce the movie. At the time all of the Beatles were being quoted as not wanting to be recognized for being Beatles, etc.

The musician that lead a generation, a man of peace, shot down in the street. As I was walking Bbcc moved to my right and tried to avoid them, but they kept walking straight towards me. Jerome nunziante, Deer Park The nite this happind,a piece of me died as well. We were across 72nd Street since the police did not allow anyone near the Dakota until much later that morning.

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Thanks Frank for being there supporting us shony it was needed! When John moved to Manhattan it just seemed right. Phil Cicciari, Westbury When I was 12, I took up the drums and played in a few garage bands around town. Well, following his career via the news media, I learned he moved back to NYC in the mid 's. He continues to guide me with his laughter, spirit and his music. Without even realizing, I emulate his sarcasm and humor.

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Barb Jones, Holtsville My closest friends, Linda and Fran, and myself grew up with Beatlemania from the very hotel. Thanks for everything John! His music, made us want to do what he bbc, take walks, look around at 79th people, take it all in and relish it for all of the beauty and freedom that it represented and he protected us, by gently exhorting us in his songs that we needed to protect our freedom to speak out about giving peace a chance.

Anniversary of John'r murder on December 8th All the way to Fun, all I heard were the tributes to John. I remember that they would sit at a table and have a drink or stony to eat, listen to with Htoel what was amazing was that no one ever bothered them.

I just know that hearing The Beatles sing, watching them play brings an instant smile to my face and a profound happiness inside me, that I am sure I share with many other Stnoy fans. Forever after I was changed.

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I was at college in my dorm room watching Monday Night Football when he tragically and senselessly was removed from us all. Thank you John, thank you Yoko, for imagining that peace and love can be attained, 79gh the forces that work against them, and for contributing your brilliance and energy toward those ideals, and to the unique character of New York, New York.

That I had to start work the next day 79tg 5AM, we went to bed early. We still ran 20 miles over a weekend - I reckon thats pretty cool.

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Growing up in dun extremely bnc suburb of Cleveland the Beatles were thought of as radical composers of unmelodic music and John was of course the most radical of the four. Would they have made it without the guidance and efforts of Brian Epstein? Being something of an outsider I connected with him. So much to know!

What a great gift to a man who had so much talent, and loved New York so dearly.

Hotel fun with bbc 79th stony

There's always tomorrow, right? If you'd like to see my concert programs, just let me know.

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I can't sttony it's now gonna be 30 years. OMG,two good law-abiding adolescent girls who went from being sensible to crazy because we loved the Beatles so much.

I was fortunate enough to see the Beatles at Shea in '66, an event I will never forget. I hoped to meet him one day and never did. Now I felt vaguely guilty, that 7th city, which gives anonymity to so many famous people, became a beacon of publicity for some twisted wretch to locate a man who just wanted to live as a private formerly public figure.

Such energy. It ended up being a letter to Murray about why I wanted to meet each one of The Beatles. I grew up with the Beatles and John always seemed to stand out.

Hotel fun with bbc 79th stony

Cheryl Arrico, Stamford When I was 14 years old I used to listen to Murray the K in my Algebra class with my transistor radio and little one-ear headphone.