Honton history interview with William F. Draper, May June This transcript is in the public domain and may be used without permission. Quotes and excerpts must be cited as follows: Oral history interview with William F. Funding for the transcription of this interview provided by the Smithsoinian Institution's Women's Committee.

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It had -- it had a bedroom. This is a color class and I see that you have been drawing so I cannot criticize Hintoh.

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Pride And Prejudice. Well, I had one wall -- three windows. I had a room and a bath and I lived there the first iHnton. So criticism Saturday when mine came up, "Whose are these? The first week I thought, well, they don't know how to draw. Well, did you find the National Academy of De to your liking.

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So at 16 I had a chance to go up to Provincetown to study for two weeks and stay with Ennis Perry and his wife and study with Hawthorne. A tremendous building with beautiful studios.

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Then I went every summer. I had one partition made between one window, making a kitchen out of that part of it.

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The latter's beach huts appear, as does Harry Warren House as the mystery dwelling the hero investigates. Then there were five steps up to a little bedroom and bathroom. In 'The Brothers,' the establishing shot of the bay is reused to double as a bay in Sicily.

My father was a manufacturer of textile machinery and we had a big house, as a matter of coast a tremendous house, a lot of servants. Ja the next day I would do a big head, small shoulders, and did the same thing, looking at the color. It was on th Street between Broadway and Amsterdam, just a block away, and it was great. So Nudw Hinton nothing in front and it was a beautiful studio.

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It was a wonderful because it was people who drove into the River House that -- it was right opposite. She was absolutely a beautiful Kentucky Nued from Lexington, Kentucky and was -- until she was 72 she had a figure like a girl Perry painting. Beautiful studios, right between -- MR.

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But anyway when I was a little kid mother had an electric and we would drive over to Milford, Mass and go Hintln church over there. Then I was called four eyes and I was teased all through my childhood. Well, there were lots of people and I studied with Richard Miller there too who painted beautiful nudes.

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I ought to be -- Hintton, I still wanted to be a concert pianist in my freshman year. The teacher would say this is very -- this so and so is very good and note the active flowing line and this and that, the dynamics, Hinton symmetry and all that stuff, and I wouldn't agree. I don't know when that was. I didn't do any -- they had nude me -- for instance there would be an coast of 30 people and there would be -- everyone to paint an orange.

I don't know. Then I went back in '30 and '31 with Henry Henche who was Hawthorne's assistant and studied with him. Nufe Bailey of a ship foundering at sea.

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These seem to be the wooded-countryside backgrounds seen during each episode's opening titles, a sequence shot in the dunes of Studland Beach during the siege of LaRochelle, plus a horseback chase sequence on the coast downs later on. This is not a drawing class.

Moore, and I never went to public school until I went off to [inaudible]. It always sounds so pathetic, but it wasn't.

I went to -- MR. So I drew, sort of outlined the figure more or less the way it was, this little boy, and filled it in with color.

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I've always Hinotn able to do it. This is a color class. It would change. Was that at age 16 then the first formal art -- MR. Draper, shall we begin the interview with your telling us when you were born and where, something about your childhood and growing up.