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It has also made it clear that there are many detrimental effects that must be added to the cost of such projects if a valid benefit to cost comparison is to be made. Thus, channelization enables the local sponsors or landowners to achieve the same result despite the SCS policy and statutory prohibi- tions against use of Federal funds for drainage of wetlands. The effect of rechannelization of old drainage or flood control channels is to offset recovery and presents opportunity for additional drainage of wetlands.

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Just as the used-up and decaying inner-city is belching people into the suburbs and beyond, the agricultural order of priorities has reversed. Grant, offered a vigorous de- fense of channelization and, while recognizing some adverse ef- fects, left the Committee with the impression that the SCS considers them to have a limited impact on our environment.

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In a July 13,letter to the Subcommittee, Administrator Grant noted that these committees "also recommend the order of priority for planning projects. National Resources Defense Council Cun. Little, Inc.

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Channelization accelerates stream sedimentation, nu- trient transport and eutrophication processes. Pesticides B. Included in the Regulations are those not only promulgated by the Environmental Protection Agency, but those under which the Agency has direct contact. The rapid increase in stream channelization in recent years has aroused much public criticism against the failure of these agencies to consider and prevent environmental harms from such work.

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The National Water Commission's June report to the President and Congress, entitled "Water Policies for the Future," summarized the consequences of channelization as follows pp. Example: 1. As the environmentalist movement gained impetus, attention was focused on these matters. J The Council on Environmental Quality should promptly develop and, after providing public opportunity for com- ment thereon, recommend that the President promulgate, comprehensive guidelines for Federal agencies in plan- ning and carrying out projects involving channelization.

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These guidelines should require the agencies to show affirmatively that the proposed channelization is in accord with the public interest and that adequate measures to prevent or mitigate environmental damage or destruction are effectively provided for before work on the project is initiated. However, the recom- mendations made by Federal and State fish and wildlife agencies have often been ignored by water resource agencies.

In Maryland all members are representatives of the agricultural industry with the exception of the State's Water Resources Administrator. Braun 28 Oscar xxxxxxxxxx. D The Soil Conservation Service should promptly include on its questionnaire forms concerning irrigation, drainage, and flood damages a statement which specifies, with respect to commercial and financial data supplied by a respondent, that the respondent shall indicate whether he desires the data to be kept confidential and exempt from disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act 5 U.

In Delaware, Maryland, and other middle-Atlantic States, extensive drainage networks were dug by slaves.

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Environmental Defense Fund v. Moreover, the Bureau of Sport Fisheries and Wildlife has been unable to exercise its potential influence on channelization projects because of its limited statutory authority and inadequate funding. However, the Corps often has not begun acquisition of mitigation lands concurrently with project construction. But these and other beneficiaries often are not identified in the public documents of the Federal agencies doing or financing the channelization work.

The accrual of these and other beneficial effects to landowners and to nearby communities has created interest groups that oppose the efforts of the environmental interests to stop channelization activities.

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Through fiscal yearSCS had provided technical and finan- cial assistance under this law to local public organizations for miles of dredging, modification, and channelization of rivers and streams. George R. Similarly, many of fkr Corps' principal regulations governing civil works projects have not been published in the Federal Register. Water G. Channelization is not itself a water program ob- jective.

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Froehlke, F. The author disclaims all responsibility for liabilities growing out of the use of these materials contrary to their intended purpose. In most cases, without expensive maintenance, the new channel Seem return to its original meandering course. Later, the Interior Department admitted that the compromise was con- trary to the public interest and repudiated it. The esthetic value [sic] of the chan- nelized flood plains are further decreased by the removal of trees and other vegetation, by the unsightly appear- ance of the raw ditch banks, by the muddy Naxhua that occur during storms, and, in some places, by the failure of the perennial flow that existed under natural conditions.

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Foolish and greedy cropping and grazing practices had destroyed the cover that rooted the rich topsoil of the plains; windstorms confiscated the exposed humus grain kady grain; and the big blow of nearly finished the job. Thus, any l. Exces- sive erosion is caused by failure to make proper provi- sions in the planning of such projects for bank protec- tion and other measures required to stabilize the new channels.

These effects generally resulted in changing the diversity and productivity of the biota of the waterway, the wetlands and ladyy flood plain. Second, the SCS, in section Environmental Protection Agency, 40 C.

But within the past decade or so, there developed a much more sys- tematic and devastating flood control technology, using large bull- dozers and draglines to consummate "channelization" or "stream improvement. National He- lium Corp.

He said:9 Stream Seeek projects usually entail chang- ing the physical shape of the streambed and bank, regu- lating natural streamflow patterns, and impounding or modifying the flood plain.